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Sweat till you smile

The common beliefs and ideologies have projected and presented the idea of working out and being in discipline as something that is very harsh on your body, something that requires you pushing yourself even when you feel down in the dumps about working out just to lose that extra weight, get the gains or whatever your fitness goal might be.

Let me tell you, we all have been there at some point when choosing a goal and starting to work towards it.

This article indicates more towards adopting a functional form of fitness, but if gyming is your choice of reaching your goal, it might make sense for you too.

Talk about failed attempts

I have probably joined the gym and failed at least four to five times in my nineteen years of life. I have always been that chubby little girl whether I ate or not and I struggled hard with body image issues and constant striving to lose the extra pounds that hang around, even more, when you are comparatively short.

But as of now, my go-to workouts are Boxing and Swimming. I have had a very painful journey finding that comfort spot in pursuing a goal that put me in mental ease combined with helping me achieve my fitness goal. And believe me, not one day I felt like I was pushing myself onto something, each day I just looked forward to it.

Punching the stress out!

Boxing makes me push my boundaries, it releases all of my stress!

It is great cardio, helps in strength boosting & increases balance, reflexes, and coordination due to the beautiful combination of martial arts moves.

For a long time, before I could actually start pursuing boxing as a workout or learning it as a sport, I was deeply interested and intrigued by the sport. Having read quotes and stories of Muhammed Ali, I always wondered what the sport has to offer, and the mystery behind it kept me intrigued until I could finally start doing it and could not help falling in love with it.

The Cool Splashes!

I have loved swimming since I was probably ten years old, fluttering my arms and legs in the local swimming pool, I realized a lot of things about the game. The way it teaches you the coordination and art of breath control is wonderful. The water cools you down in summers and overall it’s a great workout if you’re looking to burn a huge chunk of calories while enjoying a little dive.

Step 1, done?

If you are beginning with a sport or workout or maybe your gym membership, congratulations! You are far ahead than most people who just plan to do it and don’t and just keep postponing it. And if you are someone who is postponing it or thinking what to go for, take a while; start researching about the different routes you can possibly take for the goal you want to achieve, whether it is a functional form of exercise, does it include lots of strength training, does it include lots of cardio, your history of injury or any medical issue. After assessing the whole data you might come up with two to three basic fitness goals like losing fat, gaining muscle mass, increasing endurance, recovering from injury, etc.

To me, it was always ranked this way –

1.    Lose body fat

2.    Increase stamina/endurance

3.    Increase skeletal muscle mass.

So once you have figured your goals out, find out the appropriate workouts that can help you achieve them by working on your target areas.

Once done, try those workouts at least at two to three different centers or fitness clubs to understand that the same workout can be possibly taught in different ways. And I’d suggest a minimum of two trial classes of any club before you join because often the first classes end up in a lot of confusion and mystery about the services available or the techniques used. And most importantly ask yourself if you really enjoyed that workout or if you’d be willing to take efforts for it, and until you get a yes, keep looking!

Stepping in!

Now you have probably set yourself up with a workout that hopefully, you find fun, and it also helps you pointedly achieve your target. The journey is not going to be easy, you might want to stop at a lot of points still, but just remind yourself that this something which is going to give you happiness in the end, even if you’re exhausted out of your lungs and panting for hell, do not stop, make sure that when you step in the workout zone, all you do is connect your body with the workout and lose yourself and any other emotion in your mind that says you cannot do it or achieve something that you have planned. It is just your comfort zone shouting for help, and damn right that devil needs to be kicked.

The Hiccups!

You will often deal with muscle soreness and body aches that might make it difficult for you to even sit down on a toilet seat (trust me, it happens). But those are the sensations that make you realize how much more it is for your body to learn.

You might even have trouble making it to office or college, but do not lose the push factor and the thought of connecting your mind to the task in hand, be it your work or the workout. Once your mind decides, your body follows.

When you finally put yourself in the state where you are willing to go any lengths to reach your workout place, or to even perform that workout with full heart, you live in passion. And no one would be able to challenge that passionate mind and body, not even you. So get to work, find out what you desire from a workout and just let your mind flow. Any anxious scared thought comes in, peace it out and step again.

Ultimate fun is when you step out of a workout all sweaty and smiling.

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